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Greg T. Olson, Dcc
Founder of DOCS Gym

A Personal Bio and Mission

      I've had a lifetime interest in grappling. I started wrestling at seven and wrestled through high school and college. I began judo at Willmar Judo and then Olympia, West Bank Judokan, North Star Martial Arts Academy , and National Sports Center - Blaine  In 2003 I started DOCS Gym.  I really wanted to see how well the many ideas and applications of skills I'd learned were things I could pass on, both to people with the highest level of contest aspirations and folks who wanted to get the benefits of recreational training.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I also wanted to teach the safest, healthiest physical and mental way possible.  

   It is my good fortune to serve USA Judo (National Governing Body for Olympic Sport Judo) as their  current secretary USJUDO sports medicine subcommittee. 

Other broader martial arts activities include:  
Taught "Force management and self defense to Emergency medicine, nurses and firefighters around the metro area. Taught defense and use of force to groups from around the state.

My DOCS mission is to provide top level Olympic and recreational combat sports training, with major emphasis on judo and BJJ, as well as any needed rehabilitation and proactive physical and mental health service to my clients.
Lists of credentials and achievements are all well and good.  I'd as soon talk to you in person, via email or on the phone, and you can learn more about my experiences, background and perspectives. 


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